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    Optimizacija Procesa u Elin Motors Bosnia

    28.09.2017 - Objavljujemo stručnoj javnosti da kao konsultantska podrška imamo čast učesvovati u unapređenju prozvodnih procesa firme Elin Motors Bosnia iz Živinica, Bosna i Hercegovina...[More]

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    Launching New: Targer School of Industry

    24.08.2017 - Within the company Targer E&C, its new organizational education unit - Targer School Of Industry is going to be launched. All users will have, at their disposal...[More]

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    Targer strengthened to support the wood industry

    27.07.2017 - Furniture and wood processing industry is a flagship of the B&H economy. The industry has a constant and stable growth, both at the national level and especially...[More]